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Alisha Kandler

BHK, MACP Registered Clinical Counsellor

Alisha is passionately committed to collaboratively working with clients to foster authentic healing, growth, and wellness in a safe, honest, and grounded environment. She believes that there is no singular way to heal and grow and at its roots, the journey is best created together, with framework that makes sense to the you. Alisha is trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches and seeks to use this eclectic framework to best serve clients where and how you need it at various points along the way.

Counselling Psychotherapy.
I believe you hold the power and wisdom inside of you, that you are meant to heal and feel whole and free.  I will guide and hold the space for you to achieve your desired state of being. 

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Couples/Family Counselling Services 

Youth [10+]  -  Teens  -  Adults 

In Person  -  Tele-Health  -  Phone 

Areas of Practice 

Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Anger, MVAs, Fear/Phobias, Emotional Regulation, Eating Issues/disorders, Self Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Personal Growth/Self Development, Gender/Sexuality, Cultural Challenges, Boundaries, Burnout, Workplace Stress, Life and Career Transitions, Relationship Challenges, Family Challenges, Parenting/Family Development, Pain/Injury, Illness support


Contact Me

I recognize and appreciate that it takes courage to reach out in any healing and wellness journey. Please feel welcome to connect with me directly, I'd be honoured to collaborate on any next steps I can walk alongside you. 

1100 1631 Dickson Ave

Kelowna, British Columbia

Tel: 250-681-0382

Thank you for reaching out!

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