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My Approach

I honour that there is no singular approach to therapy that works for all clients and stages of life or therapeutic journey. Throughout the intake process and at various moments long the way to wellness, I seek to collaboratively explore and integrate various approaches that resonate with the needs, comfort, and preferences of the client. After exploring goals both big and small, logistic preferences of the client, and assessment of history, current starting point, and symptoms, we begin collaborative treatment planning, while always maintaining flexibility and adaptivity. 

Counselling Services

In-person sessions are available in my Landmark 6 location on the 11th floor. Address: 1100 1631 Dickson Ave. When you take the elevator up to the 11th floor, you will be greeted by reception directors who will buzz me to let me know that you have arrived once you have checked in with them.  



Video Tele-health and phone sessions are held from the security and comfort of your own home or space. Saving time on the commute can make it even more convenient to schedule your session time.


Sessions are available on the hour unless I have provided alternative options or we have collaboratively decided on alternative session times. Direct client time is indicated as the number of minutes per session (ie. 50-minutes). The last 10 minutes of the session block is reserved for dedicated administration and transition time for future booking, chart notes, and prepping.




Approaches that inspire Alisha’s eclectic framework: 


EMDR  - Eye Movement Desensitization + Reprocessing

AF - EMDR - Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitization + Reprocessing


FLASH Technique 

EMDR 2.0 

IFS- Internal Family Systems

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

DBT - Dialectical Behavioural Therapy 

EFT - Emotion Focused Therapy 

AFT - Attachment Focused Therapy 

ACT - Acceptance + Commitment Therapy 

SFT - Solution Focused Therapy 

Sandtray Therapy 

EMDR x Sandtray interventions 

Gottman Training Level 1 & 2 - Training in Process

Session Options

50-Minute Session

Traditional 50 -minute counselling session. This is a typical counselling session comfortable for most individuals. Intake sessions are also generally done in a traditional 50-minute block. However, you may choose an alternative intake time should you feel necessary.              

                                                               Individual: $150+gst     Couples/family: $165+gst

80-Minute Session 

Extended session - this session is ideal for those who feel most comfortable with extra time and space. Couples and family sessions are booked in these 80-minute blocks or double (110 minute blocks) to ensure there is enough time and space for each party to be heard and participate.  EMDR sessions are also often more comfortably done in these longer sessions as clients will have time to check in and address other items on their list before or after processing or may find comfort in less time constraints for further processing or regulating at the end of a session.    

                                                          Individual: $225+gst         Couple/family: 247.5+gst

110-Minute Session

Double session - these sessions are ideal for those who feel most comfortable with extra time and space, particularly if there are a lot of things on your therapy agenda, a significant event just happened, or if we haven’t seen each other in a long time and you wish to have ample time as space to unpack whatever feels important to you. Couples and family sessions may be more productive in double sessions (110-minute blocks) to ensure there is enough time and space for each party to be heard and participate.  

                                                           Individual: $300+gst         Couple/family: $330+gst

25-Minute Session

Short sessions are ideal for those who enjoy a quick check in session, a resourcing reinforcement session, or for youth/teens who are most comfortable or effective in shorter durations.

                                                                                                          Individual: $75+gst

Couple/Family Session

Couples and family sessions are booked in starting intervals of 80 minute or 110 minute session blocks. These sessions require a longer duration to allow appropriate time for both/all parties to have space to engage. Depending on the case and situation, individual sessions may be scheduled for the individual parties as needed between joint sessions.

                                                                                                      See Fee Rages Above 

EMDR Intensive Session

These long duration sessions are optimal for those who want to maximize their time processing and don’t want to spread their therapeutic journey over longer periods of time between sessions. These sessions can either be utilized at the beginning of the EMDR journey or at various stages throughout. Please connect with me directly to consult regarding if EMDR is a good fit for you at this stage in your wellness journey if you are not already undergoing EMDR therapy with me. These sessions usually range in duration depending on the client and exceed the 110-minute double session. Connect with me directly for details, scheduling, and assessment/preparation.

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